Curia Questions

By | October 16, 2014

Section VII.2 Bid Process

(a)    The Crown, Kingdom Seneschal(e), Kingdom Exchequer and other officers (as applicable), shall accept bids on sites reserved by the Kingdom from the groups within the Kingdom to host Kingdom Events.

 (b)    All Kingdom events bids, with the exception of Spring and Fall Coronation, should be received by the Crown and appropriate Kingdom officers no later than six months prior to the event for which the bid is being submitted. Fall Coronation bids are due the first weekend of June and Spring Coronation bids are due the fourth weekend in November. The Crown should make all reasonable attempts to award within 30 days of the bid deadline.

(c)    i. Each Barony and Shire shall be required to submit one bid per calendar year for one of the Kingdom Level Events (KLE) listed in Section 7.01(a). Bids are considered submitted in the calendar year in which the bid is due, not the year in which the event is scheduled.

(d)    iii. A Service Waiver may be granted in recognition of other Kingdom service rendered by the branch, such as (but not limited to) hosting a Kingdom-significant event (see 7.01(b)).

(e)    Any local branch that hosts a Kingdom Level Event (KLE) as defined by Paragraph 7.01(a) is exempt from the KLE bid requirement (7.02c) for the calendar year in which the event is hosted. If the event is hosted in the same calendar year in which the KLE bid was submitted, the exemption will be applied to the following calendar year.

 Upcoming Kingdom Level Events:

  • Crown List – Hattiesburg, MS
  • Fighters Collegium – Pine Bluff, AR
  • Spring Coronation – Hope, AR
  • Spring Crown List – Ville Platte, LA
  • A&S –
  • Fall Coronation –
  • Fall Crown List –

 If you have ideas for where the upcoming events should be held, please do not hesitate to suggest a location.  Both Their Majesties and the Seneschal’s addresses are available on the webpage or in the Ambassador.

What are the goals?

1. To provide greater geographic distribution of events.

2. To alleviate the financial burden on small groups for non-refundable deposits.

3. To guarantee secure contracts for sites.

4. To prevent a concentration of events in a handful of locations.

5. To encourage a greater number of groups to host Kingdom Level Events.


Why did the kingdom decide to do this?

 Over the past 2 ½ years only two areas have received any Kingdom Level Events. The lack of distribution across the Kingdom was concerning. It was also felt that this lack of geographic distribution was restricting the groups entering bids for events. Similar patterns had occurred in the past in different parts of the Kingdom.

Who is administering the program?

This new program is being administered by essentially the same persons who formerly administered the Kingdom Level Events. Sites are selected by the Crowns, Heirs, and Seneschal. Bids are selected as always.

 How is this new system better than the old one- when we have already run into groups not bidding by deadline?

This new system will allow groups who have financial difficulty to make reservations without fear of being financially devastated by doing so. This action should permit more groups to bid. Once everything is in place the geographical distribution should create more opportunities for different groups. We have also not ruled out two small groups co-bidding and event.

Does the kingdome officer “in charge” have any say in where the KLE will be held? (Earl marshal, ka&s minister).

Looking now at having sites booked for an entire year, these officers will have more input on chosen sites. Many of the current sites were chosen because of availability, type of space, and location.

How does it affect groups bidding on events? Still one per year?

It will have no effect on groups bidding on events. One bid per year unless exempted will still be standard.

 If the Kingdom puts down the deposit to hold the site, when does the hosting group have to have that paid back? Can it be after reservations have started coming in or does it have to be available when the bid is awarded?  What if the group doesn’t have sufficient funds to pay for pre-event expenses and the site fee?

All of these options are available depending on the financial status of the group in question. The sooner that the deposit can be repaid the better, as the kingdom may have 10 or 11 deposits out at one time.

 Explain deposit reimbursement, profit split.

Once a bid is accepted, the group will pay back the deposit to the kingdom. If there is a financial difficulty, the group may ask to have this deposit deferred. The deposit must be repaid prior to calculating event profit. The remaining profit/loss will be split 50-50 as always.

 It seems like this is going to hurt small groups, who can’t travel to host events and all the events are in the south and they get penalized if they don’t bid on an event.

 First most of the kingdom level events have been in the center north-south of the kingdom. This very lack of movement is part of why the change was made. It was also felt that by the kingdom making the reservations and paying the deposit it would open bidding two more small groups who might have financial burdens.

 My group needs to bid on a KLE. Except none of them are close to us. My group is not willing to travel more than 4 hours to host an event and we will be sanctioned if we don’t bid in 6 months.

As this new system is implemented, there will be some allowances made because of distribution and the necessity to book sites early on. The hope would be that as this progresses there will be sites accessible to all groups.  Every group should be putting in a bid each year.  Knowing ahead of time where all 6 of the possible events will be held at the beginning of the year will make it easier to pick and choose which event your group will be able to bid in on.

How often will a site be used?

It is difficult to say exactly how often a given site will be used. Hopefully, considering that there are only six events a year, a site would not be used more than once a year. However, a situation might arise that would cause this principle to not be applied.

What is the rotation schedule?

There is no set rotation schedule. The hope would be that every area of the kingdom would sponsor an event once every 12 to 16 months. This rotation does not mean using the same sites every time.

 I liked the old way better. If this new way works out as well as the old way (as in no improvement!) can we go back to less centralized planning?

Nothing is a closed book. We will take some time to evaluate this new process to see if the perceived advantages materialize. However, several other kingdoms use this sort of process and have been very successful with it.

Are our bid forms filled out for site information?

Not at this time. The information is available by contacting the Kingdom Seneschal, or the Deputy for Site Information. Once the site databases available, the needed site information will be available on the Kingdom Webpage in the Library Section.

Is there any way to see an advanced schedule of what “regions” are wanted for events?  Since many groups plan their own local events far in advance, it would help with date selection if one wished to avoid “stacking” a local event and a Kingdom level event in the same place (or at the same site) on close weekends.

A somewhat arbitrary map dividing the kingdom into six regions will be placed in the library. There is no reason why we cannot say what areas are most desirable.

What factors go into event site selection?

 The factors considered for site selection include purpose of the event, geographic location, venue cost, facilities, and seasonal weather.

Why are all the Crown Lists so far in the south?

Taken as a demographic whole, most of the Crown lists in recent history have been quite central from North to South. It has been five years since a crown list has been held in south Louisiana.  We intend to see Fall Crown List held above I 40.  Please recommend a site to their Majesties.

It is a proven fact that beer helps with recovery after fighting. Why the hell is fighters collegium at a dry sight. With non heated open air cabins?

The site for this fighter’s collegium was chosen primarily because of availability. Several other sites were looked at but all were booked. As to the use of alcohol, the site manager is working to get the site very discreetly wet for groups like ours. This may or may not happen, but he is trying.

 What about aggressively getting sites? Not just calling one time? I think that is something only local groups will do.

The seneschal has, in point of fact, made several call backs on the availability of sites. Some have proved fruitful, others have not. We have also looked at alternate events when a site is booked for the primary one we desired.

 Where is the database of sites located?

The database is still being constructed. Technical problems delayed this process because the database had to be reconstructed. Once that database is constructed it will be placed on the kingdom website in the library section. This database is not just for Kingdom Level Events. It is a resource that can be used by any group for any event.


At this time, is it expected that the site for Gleann Abhann 10th year festivities will be considered as Kingdom level event, a local event, or a combination event rolled into an event already on the calendar.

This is still being considered. 

What are the crowns thoughts on combing TOC and Kingdom A & S into a three day weekend event to showcase both the best fighters and the talented artisans in the Kingdom?

 It will be up to the crowns, Laurels, and Knights to address this question.  This might be a possibility (it has worked very well for Meridies (A&S + Crown List)) but right now it is still in discussion.

Will the Diamond Chalice be in charge of 10th year, like was done for 5th year?

 The particulars of this event have not yet been established. There are several ideas being considered.

When will a site be selected for 10th year, will that be a kingdom level event that everyone gets to bid on or selected from multiple sites put in by several groups.

It has not been decided whether or not the kingdom will select the site for 10th year. However, the site is selected all groups will be eligible to bid on the event.